Go for the Gold: How To Wear Gold Makeup

by Lauryn Salzwedel

Gold has made a massive comeback and it’s almost impossible to miss.  Gold accessories have all but taken over, and the cosmetics department is following suit.  But, with any metallic you have to be strategic.  Too little and it will go unnoticed and too much…you’ll look like a sidewalk act on the strip in Las Vegas.  Not a good look.  But as much as I scoffed at gold prior to 2014, I am now loving the look, and the adornments!   It’s a perfect compliment to the warmer weather, and I’ve put together some tips and tricks for every Gold finger.


Summer time is when the body bronzers come out in full force.  Body oils, creams, lotions, sprays, etc. that are made for your body and not your face.  If you bare some skin when stepping out these are a fantastic way to compliment your legs and arms.  They generally add some moisture, so be careful if you experience body breakouts.   Think of a shimmery highlighter for your body.  Many product companies sell gloves or mitts you can wear so you don’t end up with the shimmer all over your hands and still have a gorgeous golden glow in the areas you want it.   You control where, and how much you want to use and unless it’s oil it should absorb into your skin very quickly.  TIP: Apply these after getting dressed, so they don’t wipe off on your outfit!


A golden glow for the face is easily achieved with a bronzer or highlighter (not the kind Sharpie makes).  They’re a loose or pressed powder and have shimmer, so those of us with oilier skin proceed with caution!  Carefully placed, this is a beautiful effect used to lift and illuminate any areas you choose.  I love to use this on the apples of my cheeks, and the inner corner of my eyes.  Bright eyes, and glowing cheeks-a great way to “fake your awake” if you stayed up a bit too late.  The fairer your skin tone, the more sheer you want to go.  TIP: Bronzers and highlighters are meant for areas of the face, NOT all over.  Apply to the high points of the face, or areas you want to draw attention to.


Gold on the lips should look shimmery not purely metallic.  If you got gold on your eyes, and face, stick with a natural, or pink lip.  If you do gold on your pucker, stick with a neutral tone that has a gold shimmer in it and it will look fab!


Gold comes in a large variety of undertones.  Unless you’re intentionally going for an Avant-garde look, stay away from yellow-y gold on the eyes.  Bronzy, orange, warm tones are great on everyone.  Literally anyone can wear gold shadows as long as you choose the right tones.  Use a deep brown or black liner with it to give some dimension and depth—you don’t want to look washed out.  Mascara helps a lot too!!  TIP: Golden lids paired with black shadow looks shimmery and sensual, while blending a taupe shadow in the crease will soften the look.
Keeping an open mind when using shimmer or metallic makeup is essential. Start small and build, as you feel comfortable with the look. You might surprise yourself!!

May 9, 2014

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