Hair Brushes – Do you know which is the right one for you?

by Empire Beauty School
In the morning do you just grab any type of hair brush to run through your hair?  Do you have a lot of breakage with your hair?  Are you looking for more volume but less static?

What type of hair brush are you using?

Using the right hair brush is very important if you want to keep your hair healthy, manageable and damaged-free. We all want that so let’s talk brushes…knowing about bristles and the different types of brushes is the first thing you should know.


Boar- just as you see the name, boar bristles come from the hair of a boar or as I like to say “hog”. They are usually reinforced with nylon to create strength and durability. Boar bristle brushes are the most widely used because:boar brushes

  • Distributes natural oils through the hair which seals the cuticle and adds shine to your hair.  This helps reduce the amount of split ends and frizz and leaving your hair more manageable and healthy.
  • Removes dirt, debris, build up and dead hair strands.
  • Stimulates the scalp which increases blood flow.
  • Smoothes the hair easily.

Nylon-usually made of plastic, rubber or similar materials, have different degrees of flexibility depending on how closely the bristles are spaced. The bristles give more than boar bristles so it is easier to glide over the hair that is tangled or as a snarl appears.  I think most people pick a nylon brush first because it is easy to comb through the hair and it’s not as scary looking. But, is it the right brush for YOU?

nylon Brushes1

Wire/metal-These bristles are made especially for wigs and hair pieces but occasionally when the hair is really tangled or a knot appears this type of brush works best as it will brush through anything.  Sometimes they are also used on thick curly hair as long as they have a little plastic ball at the end of the tip, otherwise they are usually to harsh for the scalp.

wire brush

 Now that you know about bristles let’s talk about types of brushes…

Vent brushes-have widely spaced bristles with openings or vents, hence the name, in the base for air to pass through and allowing faster blow drying time.

Round Brushes-are mainly used with a hair dryer to add volume, smooth hair straight and designed to add body and curl depending on what size brush you use and how you use it.  Generally, small to medium brushes are used for shorter hair to add texture and volume to the hair.  Here is a guideline to remember, the longer the section of the hair the larger the diameter of the brush.  These brushes come in various diameter sizes. Make sure you choose the right diameter so you are not rolling hair on top of hair.

Cushion Brushes-the bristles are secured into an air-filled cushion based.  The size, shape and thickness of the cushion help determine the end result of styling.

Oval shaped cushion brush are used to massage the scalp andbrush out the hair and add body to the hair.

Paddle Brush (rectangular) are more broader and tend to help smooth and aid in straightening the hair.


Picking out the right hair brush is just as important as using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair.  Before purchasing your next hair brush talk to your hair stylist and ask them which hair brush would be the best one for your hair type.

What is your favorite hair brush?





July 20, 2011

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