How To Prep For Your Job Interview

by Robin Dalton


Help! I have an interview!  What do I do!

I’m not going to lie. When someone says this to me, I usually end up giggling. I watch people get themselves so worked up and they retreat so far back into their headspace that they psych themselves out. Having said that, yes, I know it’s not easy, and yes, interviews can be nerve-racking. However, it’s no reason, to convince yourself that you have failed even before you have begun. Let’s look at some ways that you can help get yourself prepared for the interview process.

Hold up! Process? There is a process???
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you your first tip to help get yourself prepared…

Know the interview process

Rarely will an interview be one step. You will not walk into a salon, sit with the owner for a few moments, and be offered a job on the spot. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN! Those hiring in this industry want to see what their potential employees can bring to the table; that information will not come from a five-minute conversation.

Don’t be surprised if you have to go through a few different phases such as phone, in person, and technical. When seeking employment, make sure you ask and understand what the interview process looks like for that particular employer. This is your first step to making sure you are prepared.

Next up…


If you are lucky enough to have been chosen for an interview, make sure to listen to what you are being told to do. What do you need to bring? Where are you to go? What time should arrive?

A bad first impression can easily happen by arriving late, forgetting your tools, or not following simple instructions. Some companies will require you to bring specific documents, while others will be more relaxed. Some may require finding your own models when presenting technical skills, while others will have services performed on their own employees. Whatever the case is, make sure you know what will be needed.


Be you

This is your art and your chosen career. Hopefully, you will be happy and successful for many years to come. When you are interviewing, remember to be yourself. Ask the questions you would ask. Respond the way you would normally respond. Proudly display your own professional image.

Be honest with yourself. Are you trying to be something you are not? Are you trying to be what the employer wants you to be? Are you convinced this is the only way you will get hired?

Remember, this isn’t all about the employer or interviewer picking you. This is about you choosing the employer. You are deciding that this is where you want to work because it’s right for you. Be sure you are in an environment that will motivate and inspire while helping you to grow. Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself, and yes, even a little picky. Your career should be rewarding, and you have every right to enjoy the place where you work.

Good Luck!

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May 16, 2018

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