How to Succeed in Beauty School

by Jess Quandel

How to Succeed in Beauty SchoolAs you begin your journey through beauty school, you want to make sure you do everything you can to get the best education possible. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind so you can succeed in the career of your dreams:

Don’t skip class
Make an effort to attend every class. Missing too many days can extend the time it will take you to complete the program and in some cases can cause issues with your financial aid. If you are not there you can miss special guest presentations, classroom projects, questions and even a potential career opportunity.

Ask Questions
Asking questions is the most effective way of learning. If there is something you don’t understand you want to make sure you ask. It will only make things harder for you to understand and move on if you don’t ask. Questions may also help drive your creativity and possibly spark new ideas, styles and trends.

Always Be Prepared
Make sure you always have all of your tools and books that are needed for every class. It is very hard to learn hands on if you don’t have the tools to do it.

Study and Practice
Although, your beauty school will offer many opportunities for hands-on training, the learning doesn’t stop when school ends. When you get home test out your skills by practicing on family and friends, especially those techniques you may be struggling a bit in class. The only way you can build your confidence and master your skills is through repetition.

Being involved in school activities such as fashion shows, competitions, fund raising events, guest speaker visits etc. will be a great learning experience and you will achieve a higher level of success.

Make Friends in School
Connecting with your peers in school can help you succeed in your classes and make your time in beauty school more enjoyable. Friends can help each other study, practice on, and be good listeners and talkers about things you all have in common…hair trends, makeup and nails. As you graduate these friendships can continue and you can help each other network through the industry.

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January 29, 2013

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