9 Empire Educators Win Training at Sexy Hair California

by Jess Quandel

The trip was the grand prize of a contest sponsored by Sexy Hair.

“It was just the energy boost I needed.” says Lisa Willette, an Educator from our Bangor, Maine campus.

Lisa is one of nine Empire educators who won the opportunity to attend the Sexy Hair Academy in Santa Monica, California.

Along with Lisa, the 8 other attendees were:

Cynthia Scribani, Rochester NY,
Morgan Nellling, Shamokin Dam PA
Jessica Seibert, Grand Rapids MI
Karen Storm, Hanover PA
Nicole Mazzone, Manhattan NY
Lindsey Simons, Grand Rapids MI
Diane Bogansky, Pottsville PA
Beth Cuttino, North East Philadelphia PA

“The techniques, the knowledge, the connections, the growth. They are treasures we can all possess forever.,” says Cindy Scribani.
The nine winners were chosen based on attendance, retail sales and social media engagement.

Then, educators who met the above criteria were required to submit a short video to Sexy Hair explaining why they should be sent to the Sexy Hair Academy.

In addition to learning the latest techniques and trends in hair, the Sexy Academy cadets began each morning with Tai Chi.

“As we progressed through our first day we incorporated our newly learned breathing techniques in our practical work. We also focused on ergonomics which to be honest we do neglect at times.,” says Morgan Nelling.

“We learned so much and are having so much fun passing on this knowledge to our students.,” adds Lindsey Simons.

“I’ve been in the industry for 23 years and an Educator for 5 years. Let me tell you I felt like a beginner after learning all those techniques.” shares Beth Cuttino.

Sexy Hair’s high-tech Academy is held in California and teaches their Structure in Motion Haircutting techniques. The educators learned advanced haircutting skills along with proper body positioning so stylists can practice a balance between creativity and technical skills.

They also learned proper body positioning while cutting hair to help extend their life behind the chair through Tai Chi inspired movements.

Congratulations to our Educators on winning this experience.

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October 31, 2019

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