Ann Nelsen: Educator of the Year

by Courtney Weikel

Empire Beauty School is proud to announce Ann Nelsen as the Educator of the Year! Ann Nelsen is a committed Empire Beauty School Esthetics Educator in Bloomington, MN. Nelsen has devoted 17 years to Empire, sharing her beauty industry experience with the next generation. The Educator of the Year was selected out of all the recipients of Educator of the Quarter for 2022. The nomination form, class attendance, academics and number of drops were taken into consideration.

Kyle Schoeneman, Executive Vice President of Empire Beauty School, describes Nelsen’s positive influence.

Ann Nelsen is an icon in the world of cosmetology education. I was honored to be present the day Ann received her award. The day started with an incredible exercise in positivity where the educator team read positive quotes that the student body wrote about their peers and mentors in the school throughout the prior week. It all made sense – the educator of the year, Ann Nelsen, contributing to such an incredibly positive culture for so many Empire students.

When you dive into the world of beauty, you are diving into a world of endless opportunities. For Nelsen, her passion is to inspire and educate. She thrives on her students pursuing the life and career of their dreams.

I have been with Empire for 17 wonderful years and I have been in the beauty business for 33 years. I always wanted to be in education, it was my dream and passion. I wanted to see students excel and be successful. I like showing our students the path to success. It’s a way of life and I love it. It is so rewarding!

Joining Ann Nelsen in celebrating this achievement is Divisional Vice President, Kevin Beaver, and Executive Vice President, Kyle Schoeneman.

Kevin Beaver, Divisional Vice President of Empire Beauty School, compliments Nelsen’s unwavering dedication to the world of beauty.

When we speak of dedication, Ann Nelsen’s 17-year journey with Empire stands as a testament. Winning the Educator of the Year award is not just a reflection of her skills as a teacher but also her heartfelt passion to uplift every Future Professional she meets. Through her unwavering dedication to the field of Cosmetology, she has not only shaped careers but has also redefined futures. Ann’s commitment has made it possible for many to envision a brighter path for themselves and their families.

Using her success story as a pathway for future beauty professionals, Nelsen strives to provide her students with support in every step of their journey.

I always wanted to teach. I became an educator to help students become successful in a career that I love. I had a wonderful mentor who helped make my educational dreams come true. I want to share my passion with others and watch them succeed. The student success stories are the greatest reward of being an educator. I love when they come back after they graduate, and tell me how successful they are.

Nelsen is passionate about creating a positive and engaging environment in the classroom, targeting all types of learners through interactive games, contests, and projects.

I love to bring excitement to the classroom! We play interactive games like bingo and family feud to engage with students. We also do fashion shows, fantasy makeup contests, design facial products, and more to reinforce all types of learners. I love to greet each student in the morning with an inspirational quote and music to start the day off positive.

Nelsen believes teamwork improves the student experience. Educators work together in sharing their knowledge, advice, and encouragement to help grow as individuals. Sharing the same passion allows them to share the same goal, to create a pathway to success for students.

The professional accomplishment I am most proud of is teaching and watching my students excel. I put the students’ interests first and focus on what is best for them. I focus on teamwork in the classroom, we all work together. With the other educators, we work together as a team, and we support each other. We share our knowledge and help each other grow. Being in the industry for 17 years, I love being in the classroom and changing lives.

Ann, congratulations on receiving the 2023 Educator of the Year Award. We are proud to have you as a member of our Empire Team.

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September 28, 2023

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