Autumn Rich: Regis’s Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship

by Courtney Weikel

We are ecstatic to announce the latest recipient of the Regis Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship is Autumn Rich! Rich graduated from Empire Beauty School in West Mifflin, PA in June 2023.

I’m glad that I decided to enroll at Empire Beauty School in their cosmetology program. I always had a heart to do hair and I had faith that I could do it. I appreciate all the teachers that have helped me along this journey. I will always be grateful for them. My kids and my husband motivate me on tough days. My kids are looking up to me, seeing that mom can do it. I know when they finish school, they can do anything they have their mind set to.

Rich began her journey at Empire Beauty School in October 2022, when she decided it was time to try a career she always loved. Now that she completed our cosmetology program, she is eager to begin working at a salon.

Jamie Suarez, SVP of Merchandising and Education, Regis Corporation, acknowledges Rich’s passion for the world of beauty.

I am excited to share that Autumn Rich has been named the latest recipient of Regis’s Unleash the Beauty of Potential scholarship! Autumn’s strong academic performance demonstrates a passion for the field of Cosmetology. We at Regis would like to congratulate Autumn on her outstanding achievements, and wish her all the best as she embarks on her career!

After trying out other career options, Rich ultimately decided it was time to pursue her lifelong passion.

I always had a passion to do hair. I went to school for criminal justice and I worked as an aide in the nursing field. I wanted to do something different. I always had a heart to do hair, which made me sign up for cosmetology. I’m glad I did it.

Rich appreciates the time she spent at Empire Beauty School, noting how the program taught her techniques she never knew.

They helped me out a lot. There was a lot I didn’t know like the techniques of cutting and coloring. The educators I had were wonderful. I learned not to give up, keep your faith, and you will make it all the way through. Once you get to the end of the program, it is rewarding.

When you decide to pursue a career in the beauty field, you are making the world more beautiful.

I love cosmetology because there is more than one thing you can do in the field and I love making people happy. I love seeing a smile on my clients’ faces, it’s very rewarding.

As always, we love asking our graduating students about the advice they have for current or upcoming students.

There may be life issues along the way, but it is important to stick it out and stay strong. Things will get better and it will be rewarding in the end. Your hard work will pay off.

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July 11, 2023

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