Empire Beauty School Morrow Students Compete in Local Hair Show

by Courtney Weikel

At Empire Beauty School in Morrow, GA, students had the opportunity to participate in a local holiday hair show. The hair show occurred in December 2022, giving students a platform to network with salon owners, Q&A panels with leaders in the industry, and create new looks on their models.

In the Hairstyle Showcase, stylists were scored on trend-setting, completion of style, originality/creativity, and versatility of creation. Congratulations to Cierra Howard for First Place and Daquacious Bland for Third Place!

Our students had the opportunity to compete in the Haircut showcase, focusing on trend-setting, completion of style, originality/creativity, and design for face structure. Brandis White received Second Place, congratulations!

For all three of these students, it was their first time competing in a hair show outside of the classroom. We caught up with them to talk about their experiences.

With this being their first hair competition, our students were eager to learn and showcase their talent.

Howard: Being that it was my first competition, I was kind of just going with the flow and taking the risk. It was my first time doing it, I wanted to have confidence in my own creative style because there is no right or wrong way. It’s my vision at the end of the day.

White: I was able to show everyone what I can do and help my model feel beautiful. I like the exposure and the experience. I was able to figure out what is expected during hair shows.

Bland: This was my first hair competition and it was a rush. It was exciting because I was able to network with other people in the field. It was a great and different experience. I learned there was a lot more to cosmetology than just hair.

During their time as students with us, they have acquired a variety of skills to help them in the beauty world and beyond.

Howard: The educators at Empire Beauty School help me when I don’t understand something, they will show me their way and I put my own twist on it. Learning the different techniques to get the results I need at the end of the day.

White: Empire gave me the confidence to participate in this contest. At Empire, we do competitions in the school. I’ve always been doing hair, I love doing it.

Bland: In one of my classes, we made a business plan. We looked at all the skills we need to learn by the time we graduate. I did all of that and now I am opening my own salon.

As professionals in the beauty industry, we truly love what we do. Our students discuss their favorite aspects of cosmetology.

Howard: My favorite part of cosmetology is that you’re a creator, like an artist. It’s a broad spectrum, you aren’t limited to one thing. Being in school to be a master cosmetologist gives me a broad spectrum of doing hair, nails, lashes, and so many different avenues. When you have a passion for it, it makes it so much better. I started making money doing hair at 11 years old. I started by braiding my mom’s, mine, and my sister’s hair. Then other people would ask who did my hair and I started making money from it. It came naturally to me, it’s my natural talent.

White: I love to make people feel and look good, it is my favorite part. I love hair but I love seeing people’s reactions and the before/after.

Bland: I’m into doing different haircuts, colors, and I specialize in doing locs. I was excited to learn about color mixtures. I love cosmetology because it gives you a sense of freedom, you can give other people the inner beauty that they want to see. We help people feel better about themselves and build lifelong relationships.

Our students share their key takeaways from their time at Empire Beauty School in Morrow.

Howard: No matter what obstacles you may go through, never give up and keep going. Don’t allow people to steer you in the wrong direction or be negative towards you. Overlook it and keep moving forward. I’m very thankful for the opportunities given at Empire. Even when there are difficult days, everyone is like family and they show so much love. I went through a drastic change when a loved one was killed, them being there meant so much. At the end of the day, I’m grateful for this opportunity.

White: The educators at Empire are supportive and gave me the confidence to compete. They push me, get me excited to go out there and do it.

Bland: Accountability. Taking accountability in everything, having a good work ethic, and punctuality.

We are so proud of our students for expanding their experience in the beauty industry!

For more information about Empire Beauty School, or how to enroll, please visit – https://bit.ly/LearnMoreAtEmpire

March 16, 2023

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