Empire Lakeland Students Hired at Brand New Salon

by Courtney Weikel

We are thrilled to announce that Savannah Coscia and Maddie Crowder, students at Empire Beauty School in Lakeland, are the newest stylists at Tribe Hair & Company! Coscia and Crowder were the first to be hired at this brand-new salon. 

Tribe Hair & Company is located in Winter Haven, FL, and specializes in coloring, cutting, and extensions. With a modern and trendy appeal, this student duo are excited to take on this new journey together. 

Coscia and Crowder both started their Empire Beauty School journey in August 2022 and graduated in May 2023. They share a love for blonding and extension services, which will be offered at their new salon. 

Both Coscia and Crowder are looking forward to the new atmosphere, clients, and meeting the other stylists. With this new chapter starting soon, we caught up with our students to discuss their journey.  

Coscia: I started looking for salons about halfway through school to get a head start. Every single one I went to, they were nice but none of them felt like it was fit for me. I was on Instagram and Tribe came up as a suggestion. Looking at their Instagram, it was a western/boho/dessert look and the stylists wore ripped jeans, t-shirts, and biker shorts. It described everything that I was looking for. The second I walked in the door, I fell in love. It was everything I could have wanted and so much more. I met Dakota, the owner, who was the sweetest person ever. I could tell she would be there for me whenever I would need help. 

Crowder: My sister gets her hair done by the person who was opening Tribe Hair & Company. When she found out the new salon was being opened, she told me I should reach out. I sent the owner a message on Instagram and she was so welcoming. I went in to talk to her and she was so happy to have me join her team. 

No matter how you ended up at Empire Beauty School, we welcome all levels and backgrounds to join us. Some students may have had years of practicing, while others recently started experimenting in the world of beauty. For this duo, they knew hair and makeup was their passion. 

Coscia: I was talking to my stylist about my plans after high school. She started talking to me about how she became a hairstylist, and how she always loved it. I started thinking about it, ever since I was a kid I loved all things hair and makeup. I never thought about it as a career. Talking to her, I saw how excited she was to work every day and decided that is what I wanted. I did a lot of research on schools and toured a couple that I didn’t like. I came to Empire Beauty School in Lakeland for a tour. Miss Marty greeted me and was so bubbly, it was so professional. Everyone was doing what they should, the school was clean and organized, and the educators were helpful. I decided this is where I wanted to go. 

Crowder: I was always playing with my dolls’ hair when I was younger. In high school, I got more into hair and makeup. I would always help my friends for prom and homecoming. When I was out of school, they would still ask me to do their hair and makeup for prom, homecoming, and even pictures. It was something I always enjoyed doing, and I finally took the leap of faith and did it. 

Our team of educators dedicates themselves to working with each student in finding what works for them. We wish all of our student’s success in their journeys and we make it our priority to help them in any way. 

Coscia: When I first started, I thought I had to learn things one way. The educators would talk to me about trying out different ways of doing things. This was huge for me because when you first start, you don’t know much. I learned that I could do things my way if that was easier for me.

Crowder: They teach us everything we need to know. They are always on top of us, holding us accountable for what we want to learn. They are great at helping us achieve our goals.

During her time at Empire Lakeland, Coscia learned the importance of being humble in her work. She admires former student, Gretchen Nunez Guerrero, for her ability to be successful and humble. 

Coscia: A big takeaway for me is being humble. There is another student that recently graduated, Gretchen, who is everything you would want to be as a stylist. She was so successful, always striving, and was a natural go-getter. She would do things without waiting for them to come to her. There was never a time that she was bragging, she was so humble and appreciative. You go so far when you are humble. I’ve seen both sides of it, you see the demeanor of a stylist. I want someone who genuinely cares about their clients. 

When she needs motivation on her difficult days, Crowder relies on her clients. 

Crowder: The clients have great stories to tell and smiling faces, and it brightens my day. It’s what motivates me throughout the day. I love making people feel beautiful and confident in themselves. 

For Coscia, her love of beauty is tied to her love of helping people. She points out how easy it is to use social media to judge others, what they have, and compare your life to theirs. 

Coscia: God made everyone beautiful in their own way, I stand by that. Girls need to stick together, guys too. There are always people comparing themselves and wanting more. There will always be people with more than you, and people with less. Instead of comparing and thinking you’re better, be thankful for what you have. Being able to help people be more confident and find the best version of themselves is what we need nowadays. Social media has so many bullies, we need to know we are beautiful and handsome no matter what. I want to help them feel beautiful on the inside and outside. I love helping people. 

Before they leave for their next adventure, they offer advice to future and current students.

Coscia: Come to school. I have friends that I started with that still have four more months to go. There have been so many opportunities that came my way. I’ve had other salons reach out to me because they see the work I do. When you’re missing school, salons see that which could seem unprofessional. Unless you’re sick, go to school. 

Crowder: Always come to school. If there is something you’re interested in and there is a demonstration on it, be the first person up front to watch. Always be willing to learn new things. Be engaged, be front row for demonstrations, and take those extra moments to focus on what you enjoy.

For more information about Empire Beauty School, or how to enroll, please visit https://bit.ly/LearnMoreAtEmpire

June 5, 2023

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