Esthetics Now Offered at Empire Northeast Philadelphia

by Courtney Weikel
Esthetics now offered at Empire NE Philadelphia.

We are now offering an Esthetics program at Empire Beauty School in Northeast Philadelphia, PA! Empire’s Trend-E visited the NE Philly school to find out program details, meet with current students, and of course receive her spa treatment! Don’t worry, she’ll share what she learned with you.

You might be thinking, this is great but what does it mean for me? It means that YOU are now able to live out your esthetician dream! An esthetician is a professional who performs facial treatments, hair removal procedures, and makeup artistry.

Estheticians create a relaxing, calming experience as they work one-on-one with clients for their skincare needs. They are knowledgeable in skin care and educated on the latest products and techniques for all skin types. 

To become an esthetician, you must complete a licensed esthetics program and successfully pass the written and practical examinations for esthetician licensure. The hours required for this program vary by state. For Empire Northeast Philadelphia, PA, students are required to have 300 training hours. 

Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia now enrolling.

Students enrolled in this program study theory through textbook learning and in-class lectures, and practice techniques on mannequins and fellow students. When you advance in your program, you will begin working with real clients in a student salon or spa setting. 

There are endless career opportunities for an esthetician such as a skincare specialist, medical esthetician, salon or spa manager, make-up artist, salesperson, beauty business owner, and esthetician instructor.

We met with current esthetic students to learn more about why they decided this program was perfect for their career goals. 

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Hellen Muller: I have always been passionate about skincare and I struggled with rosacea and acne. Skin is not just surface level, it goes skin deep. I wanted to learn more about skin because your skin is a reflection of how you are doing internally. The most exciting thing about esthetics is that it is not focused on one thing. There is so much to do in the program such as hair growth, skincare, and lash lifts. I recently learned that you can even become certified in tattoo work, such as permanently tattooing eyebrows or lips. I find it interesting that the things you do in your everyday life affect your skin. 

I am originally from Texas, and my sister was living in Pennsylvania. I decided it was time for a fresh start and I thought Empire was a great opportunity for that. My main goal is to become a master esthetician and to receive certifications in different areas of the field. For now, I would like to work in a medical spa to gain deeper experience in skin. If you’re interested in the program, I would say just do it. It is a great field to join, there are so many growth opportunities. The field is constantly changing, with new products and techniques. 

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Jordan Narita: I decided to pursue a career in esthetics because makeup and skincare are so important to me. I want to spread confidence to where people don’t have it and build on that. What I find most important about esthetics is how never-ending the field is. It’s not a definitive beginning and end, there is a continuous learning process. I think that’s why it’s so amazing. I never have to settle, I’ll always keep learning.

I chose to do this program in Northeast Philadelphia because I grew up here and it resonates more with me since this is my home. What I found valuable in this program is working with others. It is not a lonely path to go down. It’s about building upon each other and creativity. Learning from my classmates has made this program so much more valuable. My intended career path is undecided. I don’t have an idea of what I want to do yet. I think that’s the fun about esthetics and makeup. You don’t have to know what you’re going to do, just as long as you’re on a path. My advice for those enrolling is to keep an open mind. There is no one way of doing things. It’s a broad spectrum of rights and wrongs. It’s all about learning.

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Danáe Howard: I always wanted to do this for several years and start my own business. I was looking for a program and I found this through Empire. I saved my money and joined. I felt like this school was family-oriented. When I came for the interview, I knew I would have knowledgeable instructors. I love skincare and waxing which made me want to come here. 

What I found most interesting about esthetics is knowing the ingredients in everything. I can go into the store and know what’s good for me. I can watch a commercial and know if it’ll work. I’ll share the knowledge with others around me who have questions. If I work in a store, people will see my apron and ask me questions about their skincare needs. I’ll examine their faces, give them feedback, and help solve their problem. After completing my program, I would love to open my own spa. I would also love to make my own beauty products. I want people to come to me knowing I am a master esthetician. You’ll be able to come to me to feel relaxed. My advice to anyone interested in this program is to soak up all the knowledge. Keep trying your best, try to excel as much as you can. If you don’t know what it is, just keep asking. If you’re not sure of the field you want to go into, try to learn the basics. Keep going and figure out what will drive you.

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Natasha Aquino: I was always interested in skincare, how my skin looks, and I love helping people feel good. This was always the best spot for me, knowing that I can help people look and feel good through skincare. In the field of esthetics, there is so much you can do with an esthetics license. I learned how diverse it was after having a conversation with my teacher. I heard about Empire from a nail technician and decided to take a tour. Ever since then, I have been in love with being here. There are many aspects that I find interesting about this program. I didn’t know we would be diving so deep into anatomy and other topics. It gives you a great understanding of what you’re working with. After I complete my program, my career goal is to own a salon and be my own boss. To anyone considering enrolling, I say take the tour and give it the chance. It may seem scary in the beginning but I work with a great group of girls and teachers. I love it here.

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Lisa Amari: I wanted to pursue a career in esthetics because I’ve always been into the beauty industry. The field is always evolving and there are always new trends. I chose the program at Northeast Philadelphia because of the welcoming environment. My program is very hands-on and you learn a lot. After I complete my program, I want to open a salon. My advice for anyone considering enrolling is to go for it.

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Teysia Ortiz: I decided to pursue a career in esthetics because I love beauty, transformations, skincare, and makeup. The most exciting thing about the field of esthetics is the wide range of revenue streams. In the program, I find the facial and body massage portion interesting. My intended career path is to gain more hands-on experience in a spa setting. Eventually, I would like to own a spa. My advice for anyone interested in enrolling would be to be yourself, go into it open-minded, and learn as much as you can.

Esthetics student at Empire Beauty School Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

Victoria Santiago: What inspired me to pursue a career in esthetics is that I have always been interested in finding new ways to take care of my skin. Your skin is delicate. I noticed that some of the products at Empire have benefited me a lot. I chose this program because it’s convenient and I love the working environment. What I find interesting about the program is being able to always learn something new. It’s all really valuable and it teaches you a lot. I find it exciting that we can get hands-on with clients. We talk with our clients, getting to know their stories while we work on them. After completing my program, I intend to gain more experience in the field and eventually open my own business. My advice for anyone considering enrolling is to just go for it.

Our dedicated team is excited to offer the esthetics program at Empire Beauty School in Northeast Philadelphia. It’s time to take control of your future and create the career of your dreams. 

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October 24, 2023

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