Kimberleigh Rood: Regis’s Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship

by Courtney Weikel
Empire Beauty School Student Regis Scholarship Recipient

It is with great pleasure to announce Kimberleigh Rood as the newest Regis Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship recipient! Rood graduated from Empire Beauty School in Shamokin Dam, PA in March 2024. Now, she is working at a salon in South Williamsport, PA.

I love being able to make an impact on other people. I enjoy helping them look and feel their best and seeing their smile. I love being creative and using my artistic side. This was something I had always enjoyed doing, and I was tired of not having it. I wanted to do what I loved doing. I was tired of having a normal job.

Jamie Suarez, SVP of Merchandising and Education, Regis Corporation, shares his congratulations.

It is with great pleasure that we extend our congratulations to Kimberleigh Rood for her exceptional performance at Empire Beauty School! Kimberleigh’s hard work and dedication have truly stood out, and we are thrilled to announce that Kimberleigh has been selected as the latest recipient of Regis’ Unleash the Beauty of Potential scholarship. Congratulations Kimberleigh, and best wishes for a successful and fulfilling career ahead!

Morgan Nelling, Executive Director at Empire Beauty School Shamokin Dam, acknowledges Rood’s dedication to the beauty industry.

Kim is a very hardworking and dedicated student who is passionate about making a successful career in the cosmetology industry. Kim is a very deserving professional for this scholarship and worked hard to achieve this opportunity!

Rood has been involved in the beauty industry before she decided to attend school. Before school, she worked on family and friends and took on a salon assistant position.

Ever since I was little, I had an interest in the beauty industry. I’ve always done work on my friends and family. I’ve been assisting at Gretchen’s Hair Salon in South Williamsport before I even started beauty school. Now, I am a stylist there. They have welcomed me in and it’s the perfect salon family. It’s perfect for me. Gretchen and the girls at the hair salon have inspired me to keep pushing through. They helped me a lot with furthering my education and getting to where I am.

Enrolling in beauty school can be intimidating. You are taking the leap and embarking on a new journey. What helps calm these nerves is going to school with your best friend. Rood convinced one of her friends that now was their time.

It’s been something that I have always wanted to do. It didn’t work out straight out of high school. When I decided it was time, I texted my friend and told her if we didn’t do this now, we were never going to do it. It was our time and we both enrolled. Going to school together was amazing, we helped each other keep going. There were tough times, but having her helped.

Whether you enroll in beauty school alone or with your best friend, we foster a community at Empire Beauty School. The students in your class will become a valuable resource as you work together to achieve your dreams.

All of the evening students got along and it was so fun. I didn’t feel like it was a job. It helped that Empire offers an evening class because I worked during the day. It was easy for me to go to school at night and have the part-time opportunity. The other students were in the same situation. They’re like family.

Congratulations Kimberleigh Rood on being the latest recipient of the Regis Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship! We are proud of your accomplishments and wish you good luck in your plans.

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March 25, 2024

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