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Unique Careers in the Cosmetology Field

BlogBeauty Career, Beauty Student Advice | April 19, 2011

People often think that the cosmetology field is just about  working in a hair salon, spa, or nail shop (which a majority of hairstylist do) but what people don’t realize is there are so many more unique jobs out there in this field. It is a very misunderstood profession.  Here are only some of the other options that you have with this career: 

·Photo shoots
·TV sets
·Theme Parks
·Modeling runway
·Advertising company
·Music Videos
·Cruise or Luxury Resorts 
·Fashion houses
·Celebrity residence
·Concert sets

When working in the film and theatre industry, there are many behind the scene people who need to make these actors and actresses look glamourous.  Each hairstylist or make-up artist will have to read and study the scripts to know when to change the characters appearance.  A scene may have some inclement weather, or the character may get older, injured or sick. Each change in the characters appearance must be noted and recorded because you may have to reproduce that look again for other scenes or in case they end the day in the middle of a scene. It’s not just a matter of putting make-up on or quickly fixing their hair, it takes someone who is very creative and talented but yet committed and eagar to work hard.

Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist

Being the hairstylist/specialist and make-up artist for films and theatre requires lots of hours of research about the film and the characters role.  For example during the Renaissance time, women decorated their hair with precious stones, pearls, ribbons and even shimmering veils.

Photo shoots can also be very diverse at times too.  You can be doing very simple, basic hair and make up to outrageous and over the top.
Hair Artistry

When you are in the film and celebrity side of the business you are required to keep up with the latest hair fashion trends and you will be creating some of the trendiest looks too!

Take a look at a the life of a freelance hairstylist and Make-up Artist.

A stylist/artist is an expert who uses art and science to make people and objects look good in order to make a statement.” (Jennie S. Bev )


Written by Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is a leading cosmetology and beauty educator with 89 beauty schools and cosmetology schools in the United States. Empire Beauty School offers a variety of beauty programs and cosmetology courses including cosmetology, esthetics, make-up artistry, and cosmetology educator training.

1 Comment

  • Julieta says:

    I have to agree. I can cut my own hair perfectly (I have Jewish hair-nappy, thick, wavy and crazy on most days), but the few times that I have taken sisoscrs to my boys’ hair (one has straight hair and the other has hair that practically sticks straight up in the hair on it’s own), we ended up at a barber shop, begging for help. I have to disagree with the specialized kids salons, though. The barber that we use usually does men’s hair, but he is great with our kids (they are 2 and 6) and the only barber shop we have been to that hasn’t screwed up their hair. I even paid twice as much one time at a kid’s salon and they gave my son a crooked lopsided faux hawk. I will never take my boys to any other barber shop than the one we go to now, even if it’s not a kids place. I think it personally depends on the person cutting the hair, but absolutely no mommy cuts. Mommy cuts caused me to have bangs so short that they were disappearing into my hairline as a child (you can see why I had to learn how to cut my own hair!) and my brother had a mullet. Yes, a mullet. ( We’re growing his hair out, but it keeps getting in his face was her excuse)

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