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How to Boost your Creativity in your Beauty Career

BlogBeauty Student Advice, Beauty Tips | April 4, 2014

We encourage our students to use all kinds of resources to boost their creativity. Google search and Pinterest are always reliable when trying to find an interesting color or cut.   In the very beginning of your career it is always good to hear feedback on the looks you’ve achieved and there is one website with a few incredible online communities that I suggest everyone check out.

There are many online user-submission-based forums that exist, but for the purposes of cosmetology and all that are related to it, I love three particular “Sub-Reddits” on the website

First, we have This portion of the website is specifically set up for hair. Some of the submissions are for people who have done something themselves, others are stylists, and some are also students. No matter whom the “original poster” (or “OP”) may be the forum is set up to be a place of praise and constructive criticism. You may also come across people asking for advice on their hair. As students with a healthy understanding of hair care, you can lend your expertise to those in need. There’s at least one “I fried my hair, what do I do?” post every other day. If you’re looking for a broad range of feedback on your styles, as well as adding your own to others, this is a great place to hit up.

Next, we have This is personally my favorite. Not only do you have some incredible “Face of the Day” (or “FOTD”) pictures posted, they will review products they have tried and offer tutorials. On this forum, criticism is only permitted if the OP has designated in their title that it is welcome. Their main goal is encouragement and fun. With the number of students I meet that have a large interest in makeup; this is an incredible site to use for extra learning. You have the chance to ask questions and interact with some true experts. For anyone with even the most basic enjoyment of the subject, I suggest a trip here.

Lastly, we have This is your destination for all things nail and nail art. The things some of these amazing ladies are capable of will absolutely blow your mind! They also post how-to’s quite often and share stories about their adventures. When you have some downtime to practice nail art at school, or even at home, this is the perfect place to go for inspiration.

I’d love to hear how the adventure goes! Leave comments with links to your favorite posts!

Alexandra Luce

Written by Alexandra Luce

I have been with Empire since September of 2012 and every day my students teach me something new. I love having the opportunity to meet people excited about the industry. It's always amazing to see a student's transformation from their first meeting with me through their graduation day. Blogging with Empire gives me a chance to share my experiences and utilize my background in English. Working in the Rochester area has been amazing and I look forward to meeting some of you here in the future.

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