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Skincare Options: What should I Use?

BlogBeauty Tips | October 23, 2013

One of the most confusing things for women is skincare. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a friend or co-worker come to me to ask for foundation advice or tips on application.


There have been a ton of new products introduced into the market over the last 5 years. We now have more than just moisturizer and foundation. We have a whole family of skincare options! There are a handful of women that the idea of more options scares them to death.

I have broken down the options available in skin care and coverage so you can make the best decision based on your own personal need.


This amazing product helps protect your skin from the daily impact of our environment and sun damage. Every woman should be using at least a 15 SPF on their face every day. Most common moisturizer have conditioning agents and antioxidants for your skin that give it an amazing glow under your foundation or on its own.

Tinted Moisturizer:

Here you have all of the benefits of a moisturizer but with the added benefit of some VERY light coverage. This is perfect for someone with a summer glow or maybe on that day where you just want the skin protection with a hint of color.

BB Cream (Beauty Balm):

BB Creams are newer on the market. They have been imported from Asia and were developed to be the “jack of all trades” cream for the everyday woman. You have all the benefits of a daily moisturizer with so much more! It is lighter than foundation but still delivers more coverage than just a tinted moisturizer. You have an amazing glow with a medium coverage.

CC Cream (Color Correction):

In the last 2 years they have come out with the big brother to the BB Cream…the CC Cream! CC Cream has all of the benefits of the BB Cream with a couple of added tools. The “CC” in the CC Cream stands for color correction. You now have the ability to cancel out redness or dark circles in addition to getting a medium coverage, SPF, and moisture. This isn’t for everyone though! If you don’t need the color correction you can end up making your skin color worse than when you started. You want to make sure you have color correction needs


Now I know many of you out there are trying to figure out why anyone would bother using a moisturizer and foundation when you can buy a BB or CC cream and get coverage and the benefits of a moisturizer in one. Foundations are full coverage! Foundations are mixable! Foundations, while being a little heavier, are also still necessary for those women that want full coverage. You can mix the shades or find a line that has different skin tones and skip the blending all together.

I look at it like this; A BB and a CC cream are like using a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner. A (good) shampoo alone is going to cleanse the hair and prepare the hair to be fully conditioned. A (good) conditioner alone will close the cuticle and leave the hair healthy and manageable. A 2-in-1 will only do ½ the job but will still give you average results.  So BB and CC Creams will only give you the moisture and light coverage, where a foundation and moisturizer will give you the best and fullest coverage.


What are some of your biggest skincare questions?  Post your questions and we will answer them in our upcoming blogs.

Heather Adamczak

Written by Heather Adamczak

Heather has 16 years industry experience! She had her own salon and spa for 7 years and specialized in bridal work on location for another 3 years. Heather currently works as a Career Planning Specialist for Empire's Cheektowaga (Buffalo), NY location and also does hair and makeup for the NFL Network on her days off. She has worked on over 150 different blogs over the last 5 years including national beauty sites and wedding magazines.

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