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Beauty Tips How To's — 24 May 2013

Do you remember a few years back when people shaved  the underpart of their hair and  we use to categorize them as  gothic or rebels.   Today, the undercut style is a growing trend especially among celebrities… Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Rihanna and Cassie are just a few that come to mind.  This look is a great to express your edgier style.  In our next Sexy Hair styling tip video series, Missy is going to demonstrate different ways to style this outrageous look – she will take it from a fun and funky to a classic and beautiful style.

If you missed any of our early videos from this series please click here and follow us to learn more tips and techniques.

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Jess Quandel
Jess Quandel

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  1. Nice cut. It is good to see a school teaching future stylists that edgy cuts can still be styled to look classy when the occasion calls for it. Keep up the good work, Empire. I’m glad you have a campus up here in Maine.

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