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Decorate Yourself Beautifully

BlogBeauty Tips, Fashion Trends | November 27, 2013

It’s that time of year. We decorate trees, cookies, front porches, cars, and pretty much put tinsel on anything that stands still for a few seconds.  So, why don’t you take some time out this holiday to decorate yourself! 

Now, we are not talking about something drastic, but just a few tweaks here and there can help you enhance your looks and leave you feeling merry and bright.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you sparkle this holiday season:

Whiten Teeth

Although orange and peach are all the rage in lipsticks, they aren’t flattering to less than pearly whites. Blue-based reds and plums help neutralize yellowing, and give teeth a whiter appearance.

Give Your Face A Lift

Too often, people equate beauty and youth to long, unattended locks.  Some are afraid that a haircut can make them look like an “ old lady.”  Could that sentiment be further from the truth? Side swept bangs, face framing layers, or a choppy bob can erase a decade. As long as the look is effortless and soft, it will do the trick!

Brighten All Over

Never underestimate the power of a few highlights around the face! As we age, warmer tones brighten our skin tone.  A few warmer strands can make you look like you spent winter vacation in the islands.

Minimize and Maximize

Light and shadow are two of the most powerful beauty tools.  With a little dark and light powder noses can be slimmed, cheekbones can be sculpted, and chins can be receded (trust me on that one!).  A little shimmer on the inner corner of the eye can widen and add sparkle, and eyeliner can change the whole face.  Also, don’t neglect blush and bronzer. A pinky-peach blush on the apple of the cheeks with a swipe of bronze across the nose is easy and miraculous!  Blending is the key, as hard edges are distracting.

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!

Tis the season to ignore all of the rules about glitter. From Mid-November to Mid-January it is your duty to give every day a little magic with a sprinkling of glitter. You don’t have go full disco-ball, but if you would like to, now would be the time.

Perhaps the best advice I have ever heard came from Miss Top Model herself, Tyra Banks. She said, in reference to her high forehead,  “Sometimes, you have to just own it.” No hair texture is “bad”, no facial feature is “wrong”, and different does not need to be fixed.  Often, what we perceive as flaws, others see as unique or striking features.  Take this opportunity to celebrate whatever makes you shine brighter than any string of lights!  Give yourself the gift of love an acceptance.

So what are your tips and tricks for enhancing your beauty? What feature makes you unique?

Megan Murray

Written by Megan Murray

Megan Murray is an Empire home office employee with a passion for make-up and pop-culture. She has been a contributor to various health and beauty blogs. At any given time, Megan owns at least 12 different shades of green eye shadow.

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