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Fall Trends: Braids, Bobs and Retro Hair Styles with a Modern Edge

BlogBeauty Tips, Fashion Trends | November 2, 2011

As the seasons change so do the trends.  However, there is one trend that will still carry over through the Fall and Winter season and that is the ever present, braid.  Celebrity stylists say, they don’t see braids going away anytime soon.  In fact, there are so many different creative ways to wear your hair in a braid that each look can be completely different.

Fall braids

If you are thinking of changing it up this season, and want to add a little flair to your tresses or take a couple of inches off, try a bob haircut. You will be right on track for this seasons trend.  You are probably thinking bobs have been around for a long time, what makes them so popular now? The truth is bobs have become so versatile and ingenuous in their many looks and can be tailored to fit any face shape.  Bobs can be short or mid-length, angled or asymmetrical, retro or edgy and also have bangs that are blunt, parted in the middle or swept to the side. Your stylist will be able to go over with you the options that will fit your lifestyle and face shape best.

Check out some of the many ways to wear a bob haircut.  Which do you think would be best suited for you?

Short                                                           Mid-length

short bob medium length bob

Angled                                                             Asymmetrical                                 

Angled and asymmetrical bob

Retro                                                        Edgy

Retro and edgy bobs

You may be hearing the word “retro” a lot when talking about hair trends.  Retro is used when we talk about trends that were popular over the years but yet seem to still look good today.  Waves, pin-curls, bobs and up-do’s are popular retro styles. They are a very femine, elegant and classic looking. Katy Perry is known for pulling off this style.  See her many retro looks belows.

Katy Perry Retro look
Please share some of your favorite retro creations.  Do you see any other hair trends coming up for this fall/winter season?

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