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Empire Beauty School Awards Full Scholarship

BlogNews | June 20, 2014

Empire Beauty School in Shamokin Dam, PA has awarded a full scholarship covering the complete cost of tuition to Morgan Nelling of Winfield.

The George Bradley Scholarship will pay the cost of tuition for one cosmetology student annually at the Shamokin Dam location. Nelling was selected for her hard work and dedication to her goal of becoming a beauty professional.

Empire Beauty School student Morgan Nelling is the 2014 recipient of the first annual George Bradley Scholarship, covering the cost of her entire tuition.

School administrators say they learned of the scholarship when a representative from a trust fund company called to tell them of the gift.

“It was a great surprise,” says Executive Director Marsha Duman. “Mr. Bradley left enough money in the fund to award one full scholarship annually for the next 10 years. His only stipulation was that it be awarded to a student exclusively at Empire’s Shamokin Dam location.”

Nelling currently works waiting tables at a local restaurant to make ends meet while attending classes full time at Empire Beauty School. It’s a goal she put on hold when her father passed away from illness and she chose to go to work full time to help support her mother and brother. “But she never gave up on her dream.” says Duman. “She took care of her family, and when the time was right, she made the commitment to work toward her career. We are thrilled to reward her for this effort.”

No other information on George Bradley was available. The trust fund was unable to say why Mr. Bradley left the scholarship money for the school. Empire Beauty School has a long history in the area. The company has been operating beauty schools throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond for 80 years.

The scholarship with be awarded each June. Interested applicants can stop by Empire Beauty School for more information.

Angela Watson

Written by Angela Watson

Director of Public and Media Relations for Empire Education Group

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