Empire Beauty School Aids Cosmetology Students Affected by Local Closure

by Jess Quandel

Bordentown, NJ– With just 49 hours to complete before graduation, Lilly Nejab was told her cosmetology school was shutting its doors.

It was very stressful and hard.” says Nejab, who moved to the United States from Iran about a year ago.

Santo Trapini, Empire Senior Director along with Lilly Nejab.

As a licensed cosmetologist in her home country, she wanted to continue her career in the U.S., but needed to return to school to be eligible for a license in New Jersey.

I already have a position at a local salon. The only thing I need is to take my state board exam so I can be licensed.

However, Nejab needs to fully complete a cosmetology program before she can take the state exam. With just 49 hours of classroom time left, she was a week and half away from graduation.

They called and said that I needed to come and get any belongings I had at the school.

“The Lab” a Paul Mitchell School shut its Ewing campus earlier this month, and reached out to Empire for assistance placing its students.

We immediately offered to meet with students from The Lab.” says Tony Fragomeni, Vice President of Government Relations. “It’s unfortunate when any school goes out of business, so we do what we can to help the students caught in the middle.

Santo Trapini with Denise Arthur-Smith

So far 24 students, all with varying degrees of time to finish, will transfer to Empire Beauty School’s Bordentown campus. More than 25 others could enroll at Bordentown or other beauty schools in the coming days.

It’s an option that students, like Denise Arthur-Smith of Ewing are thankful for.

I am happy I can finish my hours. I was impressed with Empire the moment I talked with the staff.”

Arthur-Smith has just a little over a week to complete as well.

Although I won’t be here long, I am thankful for the chance to learn at Empire. Maybe I can come back as an educator one day!

January 15, 2016

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