Empire Education Group Highlights Industry Leaders in New Video Series

by Empire Beauty School

Empire’s Chairman and CEO Frank Schoeneman is encouraging his students to reach for the stars with their new careers.

What better way to do that than with a pep talk from some of the top stylists in the world?

The video series, entitled ‘Frankly Speaking’, includes 15 minute vignettes shown to all students in the company’s 102 schools nationwide.  Each episode features an interview with a well known stylist or other beauty professional with an inspirational story to tell.

Recently, Mr. Schoeneman sat down with Beth Minardi, Nick Arrojo, John Simpson and others at New York City’s trendy Ink 48 hotel.

Each offered up advice to students, as well as shared their struggles along the way.

“I am so honored that each one of these very successful people was willing to spend a few hours with me.” said Schoeneman.  “Each of them shared a wealth of knowledge with the next generation.  What a wonderful gift to provide to future stylists.”

Color expert Beth Minardi stressed the need for professionalism in the industry.
Frank & Beth 1

“It’s so much more than doing hair,” said Minardi.  “It’s the way we greet a person. The way she is seated, the way the towel is placed on her neck, the way she is spoken to.  This is no longer a service business.  We offer an experience.”

John Simpson, educator and platform artist for Goldwell, encouraged students to keep an open mind.

“Everyday opens a whole new door,” said Simpson. “And that door could lead to a skylight. You just never know what is around the next corner.”

Frank & John 2

Two-time Platform Artist of the Year and the star of Empire Education Group’s Masters of Beauty advanced education program, Nick Arrojo is still amazed at his success.

“It’s remarkable where I’ve come from to where I am today, and I’ve never been to business school.” said Arrojo.

When asked for his number one piece of advice to students, Arrojo answered, “Don’t worry about what other people do or what they say.  This is your dream, your vision, your journey.”
Also interviewed during the New York taping was Arrojo Studio stylist Nicole Obert DeMarco and Modern Salon’s Beauty and Fashion Editor, Maggie Mulhern.

Several Empire graduates and educators were also interviewed.

The videos will be incorporated into Empire’s curriculum this year.Frank & Nick



April 6, 2011

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