Brianna Brown: Regis’s Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship

by Courtney Weikel

We are proud to announce that Brianna Brown, an Empire Beauty School Richmond graduate, is the latest recipient of the Regis’s Unleash the Beauty of Potential Scholarship of $5,000. Brown graduated in December 2022 and received an apprentice position at a salon.

Jamie Suarez, SVP of Merchandising and Education, Regis Corporation, highlights Brown’s accomplishments.

We are pleased to announce that Brianna Brown has been selected as the next recipient of the Regis Unleash the Beauty of Potential scholarship! Brianna’s remarkable academic performance demonstrates a true dedication and enthusiasm for the industry. We wish Brianna all the best as she begins her new career!

Brown has shown an interest in the beauty field since she was young, deciding to choose a career that excites her.

Around December 2021, I was thinking about possible careers. I moved to Richmond originally for another school but I felt like that environment wasn’t for me. I was brainstorming careers that I feel I would enjoy. I was thinking about the ones I thought about as a kid. I always wanted to go into the field of hair. When I would go to the hairstylist, I would ask a bunch of questions every time. I was so into it and I wanted to be there so badly. I decided to give it a try and it was one of the best experiences I had. I met amazing people. My educators were awesome.

Brown notes that Empire Beauty School gave a foundation for everything beauty.

Empire Beauty School helped me learn the basics. I didn’t know anything coming into it. I will never forget to not cut past my second knuckle. A tip I have is not to let every little thing get to you.

Helping her clients with transformations is a service Brown enjoys performing.

My favorite service to provide clients is haircuts, especially transformations. I’ve gone through big transformations myself so I like seeing it in other people too. I love being able to help people feel more confident in what they have. When I first did a big chop, I shaved my head to not have an attachment of my hair with beauty. I wanted to feel that beauty in myself and gain self-confidence. 

At Empire Beauty School, our students have a support system in place from their first day, throughout their journey as a student, and even after they graduate.

When I was at school, I had supportive friends that were facing similar challenges. Having those people being motivational helped out. My salon educator, Miss Charlotte Owens, was supportive of me during my time at Empire.

The person that works at the salon with me is Gabrielle and she is a huge supporter of mine. I would like to thank her for always motivating me.

Since graduating, Brown has been assisting at a salon to further her learning experience.

I have a job at a salon. The owner took me and another student from Empire Richmond for an apprenticeship. She explains her process to us and we assist her with what she needs help with. It’s a great learning experience.

We are proud of all our students that decide to further their passion. Completing your program and graduating is a huge accomplishment and should be treated as such.

Do not let the bad days keep you from finishing. It is a long process but it is such a big goal to finish. When you do finish, you accomplished something and you should celebrate that.

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January 23, 2023

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